Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Most of March Kind of Escaped Me.

I just realized that it is the tail end of March and I haven't updated this since February. Hot damn, I'm a slacker. Well, not really if you look at the tangle of chaos my life has been this past month. Midterms for this semester were last week, the undergraduate research fair is this week, the last two weekends have had me in the lab 12 hours a day trying to finish the research that I'm presenting at the research fair, and homework has kind of reared its ugly head and decided to all be due at once.

So anyway, one topic at a time. My research is finally at its halfway point, so that means I have something to present at the Undergraduate Symposium this Friday, at eight in the morning. I barely understand my own research at eight in the morning, I have no idea how other people are going to get it. The phrase "Well, you see, you have to put the tarantulas in 50ml syringes", doesn't always go over well, especially if people don't get the fact that syringes come apart and there's a wide end at the back. So that's been a struggle. I've also given my weekends to the lab lately. It's not like I wasn't in there on the occasional weekend before, but lately I've been in there every single weekend for at least a good three hours. However, I'm almost due for a break since Symposium is this week.

Anyway, I'll have more to say once this week is over. To those of you who listen to me bitch, thanks!

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