Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh, For The Sake Of Pete!

So next week is finally spring break! Huzzah, I get to get ahead on all of my crap that needs doing for the rest of this semester, which means lots of cell and molecular bio lab stuff, lots of physics stuff, and trying to get some photography and doodling in there somewhere, it also should mean that I'll be online for those of you who want to talk to me for more than five or ten minutes at a time! I'll also have new pictures up here and on my flickr page, because I don't have an excuse to slack about it next week. I also finally get to do all the laundry that's been slowly piling up for two weeks, hooray for trips to the laundromat.

Besides the excitement for next week and the amount of "free time" I'm going to have, I'm also really happy to go to the DIA (Detroit Instiute of Arts), this coming weekend! Right now they have some really cool chess sets on display, which look to be a pretty awesome exhibit. I also really want to go to the Detroit Science Center because they have the Star Trek traveling exhibit right now (Linky: http://www.detroitsciencecenter.org/StarTrek.html), yes, this makes me a total nerd, I know. The DSC also has a very sobering look at the Holocaust on display through the first of March as well (Link: http://www.detroitsciencecenter.org/deadlymedicine.html). So expect museum pictures sometime next week as well.

As far as life goes, this past week was much the same, busy, busy, busy. Valentine's day was nice, the boyfriend and I went and saw a movie, wandered around the mall a bit and proceeded to go home and make chocolate strawberries, then slept well into Sunday afternoon, which was very nice. This coming week looks much the same, I have two lab reports due, physics due Friday and several other bits and bobs that need doing, but all should calm down by this weekend.

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