Monday, March 10, 2008

Reasons To Question Your Life Choices.

So, I've been questioning many of my choices in life lately. The big one is "Why do I always feel the need to question professors about certain things?" Case in point, Thursday in my Natural History Of Invertebrates class, we were told there need to be volunteers to feed the lab specimens, being me I raise my hand and ask what the specimens are... yeah... needless to say I volunteered to feed them... them= leeches... yup, leeches. I spent the better part of an hour feeding a two inch long medicinal leech, and another six or seven hours trying to stop my hand from bleeding. "Six hours!?!" some of you are probably exclaiming. Yes, six hours. Apparently leeches possess an anticoagulant in their saliva that works extremely well, especially when they decide to chow down over a vein. So I spent most of Thursday attached to a leech or bleeding. Oh, and if you're wondering... yes, it hurt. Amazing time... yeah. Expect pictures sometime this week.

Time for the second set of bad judgment calls on my part. When you ask a friend to remind you to do something, write the something down. I had a very long horrible night last night trying to find the only 24 hour pharmacy in the county I live in. Besides having horrible directions to said pharmacy, which led me to drive in circles from about 12:30 to 1:30 AM, I'd never been to the town it's in outside of daylight... yes, finding things in the dark is much harder than it seems, I now believe my mother when she says things like this. So I drove around, praying that I was going the right way when I see a sign for my university. "Damn", I thought to myself, and proceeded to have my friend who was "navigating" call her sister to have her tell me that the previous directions for "If you hit the highway, you've gone too far" were incorrect due to her reading the map upside down. All in all it was a lesson in designating navigators in a vehicle and stress management. I now know exactly how many 25 mile circles I can make and not just run over a random pedestrian out at two in the morning.

Third questionable life choice: "Why am I CHOOSING to spend so much time and school and proceeding to freak out about it?" This comes from a bout of doubting my chosen career path due to the urge to travel and write a book or two. Right now I'm looking at another three semesters to graduate with my BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, after that, it's med-school (Hopefully). That's another four years of my life spent with my head crammed in a book. That's the unpaid school bit that is eventually going to cost me somewhere around six figures to complete. Damn. After that, I still have a residency which is going to take anywhere from 3-5 years, followed up by a fellowship that is going to be another 1-3 years. Every time I think of this I keep asking myself "Why?", I know that being an M.D. will be amazing, but for some reason, I'm getting seriously stir crazy in a classroom every day of every week, and doing it for another five and a half years?

All I can say, is wish me luck.

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